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About Infinity Nation Meet Nita, founder of Infinity Nation. ​ ​ For her their is nothing more valued than trusting spaces within. Meaning that she trust her intuition, her senses and her knowledge that is undeniable all of which allow her to embrace her authenticity. The road to building her own self worth, self love, self resiliency unearthed the purpose and passion that she has always held dear for helping others. From this passion to help others Infinity Nation LLC was born during. ​ Through her own journey into generational healing, Nita has created proven programs and coaching to help put you at the front of your life, living amongst your dreams. ​ "Within our darkest hours, we may embrace our greatest light if we just have 10 seconds of courage and an anchor within reach." -Nita ​ Courage...{To do something that frightens one} Courage is within us all and 10 seconds of courage can change the direction of a stagnant life that is suffocating your purpose, passion and dreams. ​ Anchors...{A heavy object; rope or chain used to tether something to the sea bottom} An anchor like Nita references is a mental-emotional well being entity or person that stabilizes self healing journeys within. An Anchor is a trusted source who helps guide you and gives you a hand in your darkness, they hold the compass for you while you find your light. ​ Infinity Nation was created to inspire courage, be an anchor and create a network of support for your journey. "The only limits to living the life of your dreams, are within you." Nita knows this to be true as her own journey to a healthy mental-emotional life has been straight thru her demons, trauma and past and into the dreams she kept hidden deep within; safe from them all. ​ ​ Infinity Nation is here to be your anchor while helping you discover your purpose, passion, next level living and walk among your dreams.

Infinity Nation

Infinity Nation

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