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It is almost a birth-rite to have a normalcy of walking with fear leading the way we approach the life we live. Don't touch this, don't run to fast, don't, don't, don't! This is the chant of childhood and it

is the right of every parent to want to protect their child and keep that bubble of safety around them. This is only one way that fear becomes our normal approach to living and walking in fear is so ingrained in us by the time we reach adulthood it takes a guided hand of a specialist, like a therapist or coach to help us rewrite of our core self to let go of the what if fears and enjoy the now.

What is the now? It is this moment you're enjoying. Tune into it deeply. What are the sounds in the room? Allow the smells to linger through your senses while the lightness of the breeze on your skin tickles and begs for you to watch the trees dance in the sunlight. The now, is whatever is happening around you in real time and it is often what we miss in the busy hustle of a full life of responsibilities and reaching for the next thing to happen. When was the last time you enjoyed pushing your cart of groceries to the car? Never, might be your answer. But, if you were to slow down you might hear migrating geese overhead as I heard and was the only person in the huge parking lot to stop and watch them fly overhead. Beauty surrounds you in every moment, how are you taking that energy and light within you and building your connection to the time that you are living in right now?

Choosing to live in the now does not mean that the past did not happen or that the hurts there were, or, are not real, it is a conscious choice to set your egos needs aside. To let go of our unhealthy needs of self and deeply invest in the life we are living. In this space of living in the now, if we are as true as possible to our authenticity, we will find paths open to our purpose and a pure passion will spark allowing your life to take a new consistency and depth.

This space of now is where we may choose to accept the divine ability to be within faith instead of fear. You see, fear holds us captive and immobile, while faith allows us to hand over our worries to the universal energies because we've accepted that no matter how much we fret, time will continue to tick away and a solution will come to pass. It may be the one we hoped for, and it may not, but a chapter always closes as a new pathway illuminates in front of you. When you stay in the now and continually plant the seeds toward your purpose, passion, dreams and plans your seeds of those things grow.

What does it mean to plant the seeds? Put in the work. Whether it's your marriage, career, family, friendships, creativity, healing, dreams it does not matter, it means that you are working within your immediate needs to fit the goals of your dreams. You are living within the now with integrity and authenticity. It is the growth of the efforts you put forth today that build over time and without you starting at the end in the future and trying to make the path go there which is an impossible way to try and grow anything natural or stable.

Faith allows you to shed fear and walk in the light of belief it will come to pass, whereas fear is takes you into the darkness and edge of anxiety and dread that stall us out and steal all our purpose and passion. The shift in thinking from fear to faith will lighten the burden you are choosing to carry and release you from the worry and pain you're holding onto with your built-in desire to live in the past or the future.

Often our shift from the past, or the future to the now needs a guide depending on the hurts you are suffering with. Seeking out a therapist, coach or guide will help you move through your journey. A home guide for you to use would be The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle will help you on your journey to living in the now and finding peace within.

Most of my life has been lived in the future or in the past, consumed with fear of loosing the future I wanted or was promised, yet when the past would take over it was with blame, hurt, shame or grief shutting down my love for the life I have been gifted to live. It came as an ego blow that I have no control over the future, no matter how much I try to manipulate the outcome, it's not mine to manipulate and use to fit my narrative born through my lens of fear. The hit to my ego was magnified when I took within that my attachment to the past was fueling my righteousness and victim mentality. I had to dig deeper and figure out what this living in the now meant to me and that was one of the final layers of my transitioning space from victim to self loving, conscious woman. This is one of the most beautiful and giving layers of growth that I have enjoyed on my journey and discovering all the works by Tolle truly helped me become grounded and settle into a peace never known before.

Do the inner healing work to find it within you to walk within faith and watch as your life shifts from a outlook of pain and fear to one of confidence and faith. You are worth this deep work of self and you will forever be blessed by letting go of walking in a life of pain.

Written by Nita Kruger

Nita is a writer, certified connection coach and intuitive consultant specializing in helping her clients find their purpose, passion and taking life to the next level of walking within their dreams. A mother of five she is a driven and heartfelt creator who founded Infinity Nation and NOAH to help others break generational cycles of trauma and live healthy lives. Connect with Nita today.

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