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Often we believe we are in situations with no options, no outs, no path to what we so desperately dream of happening, yet, what if we actually believed fully in the power of possibility? In the power of knowing that anything is possible in our lives. We watch it all the time in movies, the twist of fate and the hero suddenly goes to the desired outcome that makes for a storybook ending.

Something as simple as a sentence will provide opportunity to change the direction of any conversation and outcome.

Next time that you're faced with a pivotal moment in your life, try one of these and see if the outcome leads to a destination that you find more desirable.

  • I am sorry.

  • I forgive you.

  • Please forgive me, here is how I will change.

  • I love you.

  • I want to work on this with you.

  • How can I help?

  • I trust you.

  • I will go to therapy.

  • Please come to therapy with me.

  • You are right, I am sorry.

  • I am struggling.

  • I need help.

  • I lied. Please let me tell you the truth.

  • I think you're amazing!

  • Don't leave.

  • Stay.

  • I am leaving.

  • I will sit with you in your darkness.

  • You are not alone.

  • Can you forgive me?

Get the idea? Changing, deepening and being direct with the conversation is always going to help you make sure you are moving towards your dreams. You have all the power in your life; even if you have not found out how to harness your light, energy and power yet, it's still yours and available to you to have a better conversation with.

Take charge of your dreams today....

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