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Nita Kruger


Video chat, phone, in person contact are all available to Infinity Nation clients.  

Nita is an accredited coach with over 18 years experience working with youth and adults helping them connect to their passion and purpose.  "The way forward is by finding YOU within"

A driven professional, Nita's creativity and visual eye were fine tuned through the years owning her own business as a professional photographer and marketing agent.  She co-founded and became the executive director of a youth soccer club, served on multiple community foundations, won volunteer of the year three times, and was a publicly elected official to EPSD9 Board of Directors; twice.  She held the Chairman of the Board position three years and Vice Chairman once in her six years.  Under her accountable leadership style, Nita helped successfully settle union contracts, hire and seat a new superintendent and bridge the gap between community, staff and management.  For several years, Nita was a self dubbed professional volunteer, but is now finding her joy within Infinity Nation and helping others discover their purpose and passion within themselves.  

In recent years, Nita has broken a cycle of generational abuse and taken herself and her children through domestic abuse therapy working on a full life re-build unlearning toxic normals that were a way of life in accepting the worst that life offered as though it were natural to live in fear.  The life she hid is now the life she uses to help others create healthier lives while embracing their purpose and passion.  

Our founder found her purpose, passion and joy for living within her broken and tormented soul and it is here that she has unlocked the power to help others find their path forward; into healthier lives.


Nita is a life learner who has accomplished truly amazing things for her community, yet, none of these things compare to the reality of breaking a cycle of generational abuse for herself and her children.

Out of her darkness, Infinity Nation has been born as a platform to help others break free of the things that hide their light.






Nita quickly assessed that the social setting and structure of college did not complement where she found her life in the 1990's.  General studies at SOSC for a year were set aside to enter the work force, quickly rising to positions of trust; yet never satisfied within.  Volunteering, helping others and being the go-to quickly became Nita's role that would fill that void.  During her elected years on the EPSD9 Board of Directors, she took advantage of all the skills, leadership, ethics, communications training through OSBA attaining GOLD certification.  An opportunity to pursue her passion of helping others opened through covid lock down and led her to gain her DMC certification of Life Coaching in the summer of 2021. 








-Sales, Banking, Mortgage Lending

-Momma; Volunteer; Photographer; Marketing Agent; Board Member

-Executive Director Upper Rogue United Futbol Club

-EPSD9 Board of Directors; Twice elected by public vote

-Public Affairs director; Co-Founder WatzUp; Co-Founder URU Connection Coaching; Podcast Host




Nita separated from her spouse of 26 years in 2019 breaking a cycle of domestic abuse.  She and her children entered domestic abuse therapy and continue to heal, learn new healthy lifestyles and create a path forward into the unknown.  The depths of the self work that Nita has done is a complete life rebuild tackling deep childhood trauma that includes sexual abuse before the age of 10.  She is a warrior that dives into her pain shining light into every dark crevice leaving nothing to chance of a relapse into her destructive behaviors.  In August of 2021 facing yet another deep personal loss, Nita sunk into her therapists couch and declared "I'm co-dependent!" To which her therapist chuckled and the session was the first of several leading to the largest breakthroughs of a healthy mental-emotional stability and the acceptance that she needed to remove herself from the last of the spaces where codependent Nita lived in hurt and fear instead of independence and self worth.  Self love, self reliance, self acceptance are just some of the beautiful qualities born out of the within work that Nita has done.  Her journey is, for the first time in her life; hers to live.  

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