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Alignment Within Course Description and Details


This is the Group Purchase Program and includes 23 student licenses and 1 administrator license. Take your group through a guided growth opportunity where self growth, self love, self accountability are balanced through six individual lessons of Disconnection, Understanding, Ownership of Life, Acceptance, Connection to Self, Connection. The ability to do individual work with members of a group where you've dedicated time to trust and relationship building will benefit all members of the program.


Your community wants your recovery and growth programs and clients to succeed.  When you have clients become healthier in themselves, the entire community grows and benefits.  Some ways to fund this program for your company include:

  • Community Sponsorship; recognition annually with certificate / awards event

  • Grant Award; Do you have foundations or entities that will partner and award a grant to you or your organization access to this healing guided work?  Measurable growth can be created for your grant requirements

  • Installment Payments; ask our team about custom payment options​​

  • Individual payments; by each of your group participants to you to purchase the program at the discounted price

Do not hesitate to start a conversation with our team today and let's get your group moving forward with this supportive growth opportunity.


No matter the type of group you run you'll find a benefit for your members in this program. AA, Al-Anon, Community Centers, Church Groups, Book Clubs, Rehabilitation Groups, Dating Centers/Applications, Therapists Hosting Self Help Groups, Divorce Groups, Domestic Abuse Recovery, Gambling Recovery Groups, Reunion Members, Recovery Centers and Groups, New Parent Groups, Grief Groups and so on. The list of entities that would find a benefit within this program type is endless. Any mental health, emotional health building platform would be a prime example of the group system who would be supported by the Alignment Within program.


How does this work? When I purchase the 21 (20 student/1 administrator) licenses, how does it work?

Upon purchase please follow these steps:

  1. Compile a list of names and email addresses of all participants

  2. Mark who the administrator is as there is a special support section they will have access too

  3. Have all 21 participants sign up as a member (no fee) on as quickly as possible

  4. Give the list of names to the Infinity Nation team at attention NITA

  5. Each team member will be invited to the Alignment Within program at NO FEE to them as the group discounted fee has already been paid by the group

  6. The invitation will go to the email they provided and can only go out to people who have registered on the Infinity Nation website as a member

  7. Once you accept the invitation you will have access to the program, the members only Alignment Within Group conversation community and badges


Q: What if I do not need 23 students? I need 15? or 10? or 35?

A: Save the remaining unused licenses for new group members who may come to your program at a later date?

A: If you need more we will pro-rate the amount of the increased students.


Q: This is an investment. Do you have any ideas on funding this?

A: Yes! This investment in the mental-emotional health of your community is a priority that will pay off for years to come and we have a few creative options. In addition to credit cards, pay-pal or mailed in payments (cashiers check or business check), Infinity Nation also supports organizations seeking the following types of funding: Community Sponsorship, Grants, Price Share Between Students, Donor to Your Program, Two Installment Payment Option ($50 servicing fee applies). Nita Kruger, founder of Infinity Nation welcomes the opportunity to meet with you and will even support meeting with community partners to help you secure funding for your group to participate in this valuable program.


This is an opportunity built off Nita's personal 53 years of learning and evolving. She has pulled all the best tools and resources into one program to help others cut through the trial and error and get right to the foundation of building successful tools individually. Your team, your group, your community is worth this investment. Let's get you moving forward today.


Six lesson program, go at your own pace:)  Some might finish it all in six days and start over while others might prefer some work each week.  The "time" you put in is for you and only you will know what you need and what you are giving.  Remember you will not get anything out of it if you are not willing to work.


  • This will build a stronger you if you put in the self work it asks; guaranteed!

  • Online; work in your own home so you are comfortable and in privacy

  • Learn to put you first in your life

  • Individual Coaching Available

  • Twice Monthly Alignment Coaching Group Opportunity with Nita

  • Unlimited Program Access

  • Printable Certificate


When we work within a group support system we create connections that are all moving the same direction that we are and this allows us to realize a broader support system and network especially when we pair this with guided talks and activities lead by our group administrator.  

Get your group moving towards outstanding growth with the Alignment Within program.  Read below why it is imperative to our mental-emotional health to create personal alignment.


When our thoughts, life choices and the direction we are moving in the life we live all honor our core values we are living in alignment within ourselves as an individual person.  This becomes conscious when we see that our decisions are easier to make, life flows with ease and we find that being focused and driven to our life goals and dreams brings contentment within our mind, body, spirit and soul.   This is alignment and this is where we will find happiness, joy and peace on a continual basis, while living a life that honors who we are in our core self. 

"When we are aligned to ourselves we feel the truth, beauty and joy in living the most normal moments."  Nita


Living an aligned life gives you the freedom to exist as "you".

"No more people pleasing, ease and strength setting boundaries become natural to our core values."  Nita


You might be asking yourself, "how do I uncover self alignment?"  As Nita, founder of Infinity Nation learned through years of self work breaking free of the toxic chains of generational trauma, there is no more important work than the self work you will do in your lifetime.  This is the work that builds the ability to feel confident in who you are and keep turning onto paths that are true to your core values while building healthy normalization of boundaries against anyone (including toxic family) that will help you end codependency, narcissistic abuse and face the escapes you've normalized.  This self work will unlock the potential you dream of and give you the ability to live your life as you desire, not for other people.  Infinity Nation's 6 week program developed and designed by Nita Kruger will walk you through understanding who you are right now, what your core values are and how to build and developing healthy habits that fulfill you.  


Online in the comfort of your own home


Internet Access and a computer.  Writing paper and pen. 

Dedicated time to do the work and progress in your Alignment journey.  


Welcome to Alignment Within!

An opportunity to build the healthiest you that you've ever known. An opportunity to be based in the courage of change and commitment to yourself and the growth you dream of to accomplish the life you know you are

worthy of having. As you go through the course lessons, remember to visit you "why", that motivator that brought you to the course and is challenging you to change the course of your life.


For our course creator her 'why' was and will always be her children and the future generations of her family and the people who are affected by their life energy. Revisiting her why was a go to inner support that pulled Nita through some difficult and dark moments in her personal journey.


You are a good person and you deserve the best that life has to offer and you deserve to bring good things into your life. The Alignment Within Course will help you understand and restructure your life to believe and trust that you do in fact deserve your dreams to come true. You have the power within you to unlock the life of your dreams and it all starts with getting a deeper understanding of your own role in your life. You are strong enough for this deep dive and the unlimited potential of the future you are building within you.


Connect with yourself at an authentic level, align to your core values and embody the courage to support YOU at a level never before accomplished in your journey.


Welcome to Alignment Within! A course created just for you to unlock all those gifts and talents you lock away.

You can end generational trauma

by changing the only thing you can...YOU.  


What People Are Saying

About Nita's Work

  • "Nita Changed my life perspective and gave me hope when I had none."  KA

  • "Nita is rare, honest and dedicated to my healthy changes, she held my hope when I could not."  JT

  • "The voice of our community through many years of turmoil; a leader of integrity." MB

  • "She is a real woman, sharing her pain and healing journey with a raw openness that instantly grabbed my trust and self work ethic."  TK

How Self Alignment helps you honor you.

Putting yourself first in your life sounds much easier than it is for most people.  Many of us learned coping mechanisms in childhood (like saying yes, ok, when we actually feel a screaming need within us to say NO!) that put other people and their needs ahead of our own causing us to grab escapes to sooth and ignore our feelings.  Escapes like: food, excess exercise, over working, gambling, sex, drugs, alcohol, really any activity that we use to avoid the life, emotions, reality of the life we are living in. Have you ever felt like your life was leading you around, instead of being self aware and happy within the life you are living? There is a sharp contrast between feeling safe, happy, independent, confident in who you are, your self image and trusting your first decisions to be true and correct and being plagued with self doubt people pleasing, obedient, seeking approval, chasing your value in the opinions of others, out of control emotional reactions.  Which of these two personalities best fit who you are?  

We are all worthy of deep love and respect, yet we will not receive these from others until we confidently give these to ourselves.  But how?  How do we get to a point of fully honoring our needs, emotions, worth, and respecting ourselves with our actions, voice and show up for our self consistently over time?  We change.  We learn new ideas.  Open ourselves to building healthy behaviors and trust in our self that we can create a different life for our self beyond the life that is filling us with pain and chaos.  

To help you in this journey of building an safe, healthy self, Infinity Nation has created Alignment Within; a six lesson program that will help you build a connection with yourself that will build the tools in you to put you first in your life.  When you begin with identifying your core values and how you are aligned to them and where you are not aligned to them you set the stage for getting real about your life.  

Alignment Within builds tools and self awareness within that will give you the opportunity to change aspects of your behavior that may be sabotaging the outcomes you desire.  Here are some of the tools you will learn in the privacy of your own home: Core Values Identification - Mindfulness - Meditation - Journaling - Grounding Tools For Panic, Anxiety, PTSD - Emotion Wheel Use - Feeling Identification - Grief Tools / Work - Goal Setting with Alignment to Core Values - Dream Visualization and Living Aligned Tools - Self View build - Affirmations - Self Esteem build - Anchors Identification and Normalization of Therapy, Coaching, Group Supports - Boundaries - Self Alignment to Values - Core Values Identification - Forgiveness of Self - Forgiveness of Others - Recognizing Red Flags - Recognizing Toxic People, Places and Things - Inner Peace Understanding and Build - Connection with Nature/Natural World - Breath-work - Self Connection - Identification of Hobbies and Interests - Physical Health Check in and Motivation - Self Care Work - Being Present - Building Healthy Connections - Authenticity View of Self - Identify Value System - Build Healthy Connections - Self Acceptance are some of the areas of proposed growth opportunity within the six lessons.  Sounds like a lot?  But here is the is only touching on the life you are living and giving you the opportunities to level up and build towards your dreams.  You get as much or as little as you are ready to take within.  

The program is drawn from the actual growth work of our founder Nita Kruger.  If you are wondering if this program might be a good fit for you, read her story of resiliency and courage and be inspired by the reality that we can change from victim of our life to leader of our own life.  Nita did and shares openly to help others break the generational trauma curse in their family by doing the one thing that no one can stop them from doing; changing themselves.  

Let's get you ALIGNED!
Buying Bulk access saves over
$50 per participant!

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