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Understanding Why You Are Where You Are In LIfe

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UNDERSTANDING YOURSELF This course section of the Alignment Within Program you will work through multiple layers of your life to form a true understanding of why you are where you are in your life. WHAT IS IT TO BE ALIGNED WITHIN? When our thoughts, life choices and the direction we are moving in the life we live all honor our core values we are living in alignment within ourselves as an individual person. This becomes conscious when we see that our decisions are easier to make, life flows with ease and we find that being focused and driven to our life goals and dreams brings contentment within our mind, body, spirit and soul. This is alignment and this is where we will find happiness, joy and peace on a continual basis, while living a life that honors who we are in our core self. WHY? Living an aligned life gives you the freedom to exist as "you". HOW? This is the work that builds confidence in who you are and keep turning onto paths that are true to your core values. WHERE? Online in the comfort of your own home. WHAT DO YOU NEED? Internet access and a computer. Writing paper and pen. Dedicated time to do the work and progress in your Alignment journey. HOW LONG IS THE FULL COURSE? IF you choose the FULL Six lesson Alignment Within program you learn at your own pace. Some might finish it all in six days and start over while others might prefer some work each week. SAVE When you buy the full program




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