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Alignment Within Group Program for 24 participants


This is the Group Purchase Program and includes 23 student licenses and 1 administrator license. This special price reflects a group purchase and a offers over a $50 discount per participant! What a savings opportunity! Take your group through a guided learning where self growth, self love, self accountability are balanced through six individual lessons of Disconnection, Understanding, Ownership of Life, Acceptance, Connection to Self, Connection. The ability to do individual work with members of a group where you've dedicated time to trust and relationship building will benefit all members of the program. No matter the type of group you run you'll find a benefit for your members in this program. AA, Al-Anon, Community Centers, Church Groups, Book Clubs, Rehabilitation Groups, Dating Centers/Applications, Therapists Hosting Self Help Groups, Divorce Groups, Domestic Abuse Recovery, Gambling Recovery Groups, Reunion Members, Recovery Centers and Groups, New Parent Groups, Grief Groups and so on. The list of entities that would find a benefit within this program type is endless. Any mental health, emotional health building platform would be a prime example of the group system who would be supported by the Alignment Within program. More details on our Alignment Within Group page on





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