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Hi, I am Nita.  A mom, coach and writer who took charge of generational trauma saying no more!

I am a mother of five, including one baby in heaven.  I realized in 2017 how unsafe my codependent life was and have been on a mission to evoke change in my lifetime that will positively ripple for generations to come. 

Here is where I share forward everything that I learned on my journey and give insight, tools and support to help others in similar situations realize, awaken from the darkness that we stay shrouded in to survive our life and accept that they can change the outcome of the life they are living.  Here you will find hope that was outlined by my passion to action my own hope instead of staying where I started; wishing my life away hopeful of them to change, I realized one day no one else had a problem with the reality we lived in and if I wanted a different outcome, I had better do the only thing possible; change me.

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