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Nita Kruger

Writer-Consultant-Authenticity Specialist-Creator

Infinity Nation is restructuring as our founder recovers from PCS 'Post Concussion Syndrome'.  Our new focus will be rolled out with intention and will offer:  writing, products and consulting in the following areas;  Mental Health - Domestic Abuse - PCS - Narcissistic Abuse - Stillbirth - Parenting - Public Affairs - Marketing - PTSD - ADHD - Relationships - Communicating - Awareness -

Self Improvements - Poetry - Lyrics - Micro Writing - Voice Work - 




My name is Nita Kruger

I am a mother of 5 including one baby in heaven.  A writer, creator and consultant who is passionate about possibility and purpose with a curious nature that helps other people find their authentic self.  I am using my own personal experiences breaking free of generational abuse to encourage others to walk their path to living healthy, safe and within their dreams.  My self help programs and product lines are designed by knowing what I needed when I struggled within my darkest times, while I specialize in consulting is for executives, business owners and people wanting to step toward their next level step.

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"Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible."   St. Francis of Assisi

Partners Nita Trusts

Recommends & Works With

Narc & Co
Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Mentoring Service


Professional mentoring service helping you heal from narcissistic abuse and prolonged exposure to narcissism.  There is a healthy, safe life waiting for you after you heal from the toxic life you've lived with the abuser.


Infinity Nation

Our Mission

To provide exceptional Writing, Consulting, Creations and Connection dedicated to building the authenticity within and around you. 

Infinity Nation

Our Oath

Infinity Nation will help you find and fuel your passion, purpose and quality of mental-emotional living, giving you the power to walk confidently within the genuine you.


Thinking Tools

“Six Beliefs That Set the Course of Your Life

1. If you don’t believe the impossible can happen, then you are right.

2. When you feel like you are less than others, then you are right.

3. When you believe what you have and how you were raised keeps you from having everything you ever dreamed of, you are right.

4. When you believe your mistakes can’t be undone, you are right.

5. When you feel this is the best it is going to get, you are right.

6. When you think someone will never change or rise above their brokenness, you are WRONG!”
― Shannon L. Alder

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