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Let your energy be used to build you, not destroy you.


Choose to change the only thing that you can....YOU.

Programs and Coaching dedicated to helping you break free of the trauma and pain within.

We help you learn to honor yourself.

Putting yourself first in your life sounds much easier than it is for most people.  Many of us learned coping mechanisms in childhood (like saying yes, ok, when we actually feel a screaming need within us to say NO!) that put other people and their needs ahead of our own causing us to grab escapes to sooth and ignore our feelings.  Escapes like: food, excess exercise, over working, gambling, sex, drugs, alcohol, really any activity that we use to avoid the life, emotions, reality of the life we are living in. Have you ever felt like your life was leading you around, instead of being self aware and happy within the life you are living? There is a sharp contrast between feeling safe, happy, independent, confident in who you are, your self image and trusting your first decisions to be true and correct and being plagued with self doubt people pleasing, obedient, seeking approval, chasing your value in the opinions of others, out of control emotional reactions.  Which of these two personalities best fit who you are?  

We are all worthy of deep love and respect, yet we will not receive these from others until we confidently give these to ourselves.  But how?  How do we get to a point of fully honoring our needs, emotions, worth, and respecting ourselves with our actions, voice and show up for our self consistently over time?  We change.  We learn new ideas.  Open ourselves to building healthy behaviors and trust in our self that we can create a different life for our self beyond the life that is filling us with pain and chaos.  

To help you in this journey of building an safe, healthy self, Infinity Nation has created Alignment Within; a six lesson program that will help you build a connection with yourself that will build the tools in you to put you first in your life.  When you begin with identifying your core values and how you are aligned to them and where you are not aligned to them you set the stage for getting real about your life.  

Alignment Within builds tools and self awareness within that will give you the opportunity to change aspects of your behavior that may be sabotaging the outcomes you desire.  Here are some of the tools you will learn in the privacy of your own home: Core Values Identification - Mindfulness - Meditation - Journaling - Grounding Tools For Panic, Anxiety, PTSD - Emotion Wheel Use - Feeling Identification - Grief Tools / Work - Goal Setting with Alignment to Core Values - Dream Visualization and Living Aligned Tools - Self View build - Affirmations - Self Esteem build - Anchors Identification and Normalization of Therapy, Coaching, Group Supports - Boundaries - Self Alignment to Values - Core Values Identification - Forgiveness of Self - Forgiveness of Others - Recognizing Red Flags - Recognizing Toxic People, Places and Things - Inner Peace Understanding and Build - Connection with Nature/Natural World - Breath-work - Self Connection - Identification of Hobbies and Interests - Physical Health Check in and Motivation - Self Care Work - Being Present - Building Healthy Connections - Authenticity View of Self - Identify Value System - Build Healthy Connections - Self Acceptance are some of the areas of proposed growth opportunity within the six lessons.  Sounds like a lot?  But here is the is only touching on the life you are living and giving you the opportunities to level up and build towards your dreams.  You get as much or as little as you are ready to take within.  

The program is drawn from the actual growth work of our founder Nita Kruger.  If you are wondering if this program might be a good fit for you, read her story of resiliency and courage and be inspired by the reality that we can change from victim of our life to leader of our own life.  Nita did and shares openly to help others break the generational trauma curse in their family by doing the one thing that no one can stop them from doing; changing themselves.  

Our team is standing by to help you get your group or yourself registered:)

Meet Nita

Founder of Infinity Nation.  Nita is a writer/coach specializing in creating healing platforms, spaces, programs and products for people to engage in self work within the comfort of their home.

She uses her own life experiences of breaking free of generational trauma to help others build a healthy life.

Nita's goal with her self help programs and coaching is to help others reach out to connect with therapists, specialty coaches, mentors, group supports to find a grounding anchors that will help you through the emotional, mental health pain you live in.  You are not alone; even in your darkest moments when you feel cold and are not alone.

"You are the most valuable resource of your life; learn to embrace the mindset that will build the life of your dreams.  I create products, tools, content, write and coach in ways that support you into building a self respect and worthiness to step into living aligned.  Everything you need is within you, let me help you along your journey."  Nita

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Father and Daughter

Look Within For The Answers


Feeling as though there is no path forward to the life of your dreams?  Is the darkness of your life destroying you?  Or, is it something you cant not quite see that is keeping you from reaching your potential?  Do you feel that your current situation is making your dreams unreachable? Are you lacking purpose or, passion for the life you are living?  Are you stuck in an unhealthy life?  Are you being abused, controlled or manipulated?  Recovering from an addiction, or lost in a sea of grief?  Lack ambition, drive, passion and don't know why?  Struggle getting to the next level in your career, or lifting your business to the level of production that you desire?  Not getting the results you want as an athlete?  If even one word of this struck home keep reading for hope and help!

Nita is a passionate coach and writer who will empower you to open your life to possibility.  CONTACT her by email or phone and schedule a consultation now!


Do not wait to action the life of your dreams.  Choose to support your growth of healthy self loving behaviors through investing in the products she builds that put you in the center of your life.  YOU ARE WORTHY OF THIS EFFORT IN YOU!


The path to everything you want is within you right now; allow yourself the strength of a guide to help you unlock your light.

Our Mission

To provide exceptional Creations and Connection Products and Opportunities dedicated to building the authenticity within and around you. 

Our Oath

Infinity Nation will help you find and fuel your passion, purpose and quality of mental-emotional living, giving you the power to walk confidently within the genuine you.

Grandchildren Kisses Grandmother

Creating Healthy Generations

Sunset Horizon


"Nita saved and forever changed my life through coaching.  She is so easy to work with and so deeply caring it made progress towards my goals easy and powerful."

CJ Hill

"Her voice draws you in while her entertaining wit and delivery are on point with each topic she dives into.  Nita is a podcast talent to discover and add to your day!"

Tim Knight

"Nita gave me the strength to go to group sessions and start therapy.  That is where I began to understand why I make the choices I do and this is where I started making healthy life changes."

Melissa B.

"Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible."   

St. Francis of Assisi


Nita Kruger

Located USA and Works Worldwide

541-538-2187  text-cell-WhatsApp

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